Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Many Meetings

The last weeks of December were bittersweet. Last Christmas was one of our lowest ever, financially. What with all the reunions, Christmas and birthday parties each member of my family vowed to attend to, how else could we go but spend something. It was always okay with me not to attend, but my mother kept on insisting that I make the most out of the holidays while I still don't have a job. So I did, as she told me: 3 reunions, 3 birthday parties, and a fiesta.

The Amat reunion, fortunately, was not held again at Seagull, but in a cleaner, more open and quiet resort. The games were fun. It was through Yulemy's initiatives (though she couldn't attend) that we all had fun.

Next was Amras' birthday party. I thought it was the usual movie marathon as he used to do, but when I got there, his family was all dressed up and the atmosphere was quite different...so he decided to celebrate his birthday on the 22nd instead of the 25th. It was an intimate party with a small group of friends. I was the odd (wo)man out, the only graduate, the only Amat student. He invited me so he wouldn't be the oldest. Everyone who didn't know me thought I was his sister! So we watched a movie, a Chinese one called 'In the mood for love,' made a small discussion about it after (as in like in classrooms, weird!), then ate a whole bunch of food. He served us a complete meal and more. We could have died! But then I loved those hours. I would have stayed for 'The Hours' if not for another meeting at SM. I met Inkay and Thea, who's back for the holidays. Then we found out Miming, Jenny and Fatima were going to meet there, too. To make the long story short, we all met, and, since Thea brought her mom's car, had a joy ride to NCCC mall, around Ma-a and the diversion road, to Jack's Ridge. Now that was fun. I wouldn't have to spend for my fare. That day was as memorable as hitting another car with your mom's car. =) Hah! I loved it!

I don't want this entry to be long, so I'm gonna have to briefly tell the other stories. The next birthday was the debut of a Mitandi member. Then, high school reunion at Bambi's resort. It was more like the city scholars' reunion. If I counted right, there were only 22 of us who spent the day 'Magic Singing.' Gerald took the hot seat. Next, fiesta at home last 30th, my father's birthday on the 31st (I forgot to greet Nej), and a New Year family reunion at Buhangin. There. I can now say we've gone through it. Thank God. Now on to the next problems! Happy New Year everyone!

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