Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Kelly Gang

Nej and I have been helping each other out these past few days. I think we're the only ones left without a job. Last valentines day (oh yeah, belated v-day), we spent it applying for a job at the City Hall. There were a lot of vacancies, and even better, those were itemed jobs. Unfortunately, we had to wait for our exam schedule next month, or maybe the month after that! or maybe...

However busy I've been, I didn't forget my duties to the cinema, and that is to watch movies, at least one of them. I have been waiting for The Kelly Gang since 2003, but it didn't come out here, not until now...and guess what, the title was changed to Ned Kelly. I didn't know that. And why didn't anyone tell me? Maybe nobody else knew. I was hoping several girls would support this movie, hello, Orlando was on the poster. But that didn't work either. It was shown the same week as Dreamboy (eek!) and ummm, i forgot the other one (eek!). So because of that, all the other girls and boys went for those two, and I... I was left with a few old men, much like my professors in college. I guess it was a movie for their kind, my kind hehe. It was good, I'm glad I watched it. But how much I wished they spoke less Aussier...

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