Sunday, May 29, 2005

On being late

On the second day of work, I was a bit excited. Finally! I thought. So I was there 15 minutes before time and to my surprise everyone else do not arrive until it's 5 minutes past eight! But I kept my habit of being early, time for a change (I was a late comer since elementary ;p) It didn't bother me that the office smelled like a defrosted fridge every morning. I just had to turn on the air conditioner...So I was...

But I got tired, as always, right after the company started to give only a part of our salaries, then the management made a rule not to punch in before time. So I changed...Now, unfortunately, I chase time...But I still could not make it one minute earlier! One time, I was so worried about being late that I tried to cross the street to get in the jeepney, which stopped at the center of the street. I was almost hit, almost, by another jeepney I didn't notice was coming my way. I was so embarrassed especially since the driver asked me if I had a problem with my boyfriend(?) But the other one was humiliating...I tried to beat the traffic lights but I couldn't so I ended up begging the driver not to move until I get in. But he had to go, so I was left at the center of the street with all the jeepneys passing. Hooo...I just had to let this out so I'll stop feeling bad. I've learned that no matter what happens, I should not, ever, try to rush on the streets.

constantine maroulis

So Bo lost...

Star Wars Episode 3 was the best of the trilogy, not dragging like the first two and there was more 'acting.' In fact, I cried at the part when Ewan cried..hehe..not a minute was wasted, and I wish it lasted longer...

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