Sunday, March 26, 2006

New World

After two days of endless revisions to my mother's workmate's (she's currently in the Netherlands) final thesis draft, I made sure I watched something on Saturday. But Saturday turned out to be long. Early in the morning, my mom and I prepared the paper to be passed that day. I was to come with her so I could explain some things that she didn't know. We were also supposed to go to a fiesta at Uraya, but it would be noon so we still had time. After photocopying some pages, we headed to the professor's house. She was not home so we just left the paper to her son. Then we walked to the main road of Bangkal to ride a Mintal jeep to Uraya. I suggested a taxi...Mintal is such a long trip. But mom insisted on the jeepney. So I was back at Mintal. We were almost there when the rain poured and we didn't bring an umbrella. We should have taken a taxi! We waited a while for a tricycle and reached our destination drenched and cold. But anyway the food was great and some talk was needed. Then at three, we headed home...not for me and my mother. We attended an awarding ceremony at the Bagobo hotel. I told her to wear something nice, but she didn't listen, so she was surprised to see everyone looking elegant and a little formal. I wore jeans and she wore striped pants and a NIA shirt. The ceremony had to do with the Txtigmo contest we joined in. Our entry won a consolation prize. Nice. I wasn't comfortable at the dinner because of some important persons I know and I was glad it didn't take that long. And I couldn't wait for the movie I was going to watch. I wasn't sure it was shown in SM, so I settled for GS. It was an inspiring film that told the story through actions and character emotions that felt like poems. It would be boring to some, but it was like a dream to me: The New World.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Idle Idol

American Idol's back and so am I, I guess. My favorite but not my bet, this time, is the one called Bucky. I like country, I like rock; Country rocks! Hmmm...I hope he could stay longer...Bo's album is also out, but his songs are not that good. He wrote a couple of songs in the album as well as BON JOVI and RICHIE SAMBORA. Ha!

In the meantime, let's talk about what I'm doing now. I design templates for my group called Mezzanine Graphics and Design Studio...We just had our license early this year, so business is officially open, yay! And that's about it..hope to write again soon...