Saturday, September 29, 2007

Outstanding Mayor

I've always liked asking my parents about how life was in their younger days. But it's usually my father who gives me interesting stories. He likes to talk so I make it a point to get the most from those sessions. Eventually, I've learned a lot of things, unusual things, not only about my family's history, but also on Davao's history... and I would like to share them.

First off, I want to talk about this former Mayor of Davao City. This week I asked my father if there was any politician from Davao who was not only outstanding, but one who stood out from the rest. I said someone who's like Mayor Duterte in ways more than one. He said Luis Santos.

He told me amazing stories about this former Mayor Luis Santos that I couldn't believe instantly if they were true. Santos, he said, was a former Huk, who became Chief of Police. Then there was one story about women raped at Jacinto Street. My father said Santos searched and killed all four suspects on his own.

Then he became Mayor and if you'd think about it, he must be a terror. He was given the nickname Diego Salvador from a local radio soap about a cowboy of the same name.

The story's quite fantastic. He's like a character in one of those Eddie Garcia movies... very impressive.

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  1. Interesting story. Gonna read more about it if there is more interesting story. Thanks