Saturday, November 10, 2007

Failing an exam

The November 2007 ECE Board Exam results just came out this week. Once my brother heard that it was released online, we googled. We found it and slowly excitement turned to dread. We first checked if his classmates passed. A lot of bad news there, till we finally had the guts to find his name. We didn't.

It was still awful, although we kind of half-expected it. But I'll never really know what it's like to fail a big exam (like Entrance, Board and Professional exams) because we don't have Board exams in my course and I passed all entrance and professional exams I took, unless you consider a company's exam for job seekers. Yes, I failed this exam for an IT company I've applied for, but I have alibis for that (lol). There were two sets of questions so the alternating chairs would have different questionnaires and there would be no chance of cheating. I got the more difficult one (haha). And I was very, very hungry at that time (again, lol, so those are my alibis).

My brother and I checked again today for the complete results document to see the percentages of each school. And in the University of Mindanao, there are four conditionals. That means there are four who only need to retake one subject. I hope my brother's one of those.


  1. i hope your brother’s 1 of the 4! :) tell him god bless for me, please. :)

  2. thanks! and i told him what u said :)