Friday, June 13, 2008

kevin m. kirker

I had a friend request in myspace from one named kevin m. kirker. As a rule, I always view their pages before accepting the requests. So his page loaded and this strange music started to play. It was "strange and beautiful" (quoting Aqualung there). There are only two dominant sounds that come out of kevin's music. One's his voice. The other one's a harp. Yes, kevin m. kirker is the self-proclaimed king of harpcore!!! hehehe

You won't see anything else from his myspace page aside from this:

all of "our story now begins..." can be downloaded free of charge at WWW.KEVINMKIRKER.COM.

So I checked out his official site, which was interesting, and downloaded the whole thing. It is a nice album although I have a few problems with it. They all kind of sounded the same (I have yet to listen to it again) and the lyrics are so-so. But I don't care about that. Though his music is derivative as all other composers' are, the harp itself is something new. As a whole, the album is good. It felt like I was in a dimly lit bar listening to somebody reading an original poem. It is poetry sung.

p.s. if you find a photo of kevin, tell me. He is hiding. weird.


  1. i was so shocked that my cousin got enormous positive feedback from everyone.. yeah.. he rocks!!
    thanks for the comments for him.. there's more to come.. tita says he is up coming out for 2 more albums..
    about the photo.. he is so cam shy.... but i bet ya.. walang panama si SAM MILBY sa looks ng cuz ko na to.. man does he got the looks and the talents.. warning all talent searchers.. grab him or else...yeah...janelourdbrioneshernandez

  2. What fool wrote that article? The songs all kind of sound the same, and the lyric's are so-so? They need to buy a clue. Kevin's extraordinary.