Thursday, June 5, 2008

Roland Garros 2008

David Ferrer on his third round victoryLooking at the live scoreboard now at the official website makes me really nervous. If only I had cable TV, I could cheer on David Ferrer better. The first round went to Monfils. At this point, Ferrer is leading the second round 5-3. Waaaaaahhh I am really shaking while typing this. I remember my San Miguel Beer days back in grade and high school. I would go nuts like this just for a game.

The Roland Garros website is amazing. I wish I could make something near that. Live scoring with notes on who's serving plus the serve speed. Cool! Next year, they should add live broadcast for free heheheh.

David I hope you win!!!!!!

Update: 1:36 AM
And oh yeah, there's also a Live Radio Broadcast. Amazing.


  1. Actually, Tennis Channel had free live streaming of RG until the semi-finals. But they still have some really cool sites...
    - aggregates all tennis talk on the web
    - shows videos of players fighting umps

    Yay for Roland Garros on the 'net :)

  2. so i missed the live streaming, it says up to June 1. =(

    anyway, thanks for the links Nina. The Tennis Channel is great,I've bookmarked it ;)

    and i'm going to watch the players fighting umps. that would be fun!

  3. sad. pero nadal pa rin ako!!! NADAL NADAL NADAL...

    pompoms, pompoms, pompoms....SPLIT. ouch!!!

  4. kawawa naman ni federer kagabi =( sana naging close ang laban, pero ang layo..