Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My sister's 18th birthday

4th of July.

My mother and I made the usual spaghetti and salad the night before. Since my sister had choir practices everyday until about 8 PM, we assumed the only visitors we'll have would be my aunt and cousins who are also our neighbors. When my father came home, he told me that about five of my sister's classmates would come, but still after her practice. I cooked just enough rice for us and five more. Then my mother came from work and told me there were only three. She said we'd have too much leftovers. It was already about 7 PM. Mother asked my sister thru text how many exactly would come. Then we waited for her answer.

Earlier, my father ordered one lechon manok and two packs of chopsuey. He brought one pack to my aunt, but she only took some and returned everything else. She said they have enough and that we might still need it for the visitors.

Then came my sister's answer. She was sort of asking for permission to bring in some of her choir mates. Of course my mother couldn't refuse.

15. That was way more than we prepared for. We hoped we wouldn't run out of food. My aunt was right. It was good that mother cooked a lot of spaghetti, that would make up for the shortage of rice. We couldn't cook more because it was already 8 PM and they were coming. We still have to prepare the utensils and everything.

And so they came.

And it was a riot. Our little home got a little too crowded. I mean, I was thinking, how are they going to eat? :-D

We had the privilege to hear them lead in prayer. Then they ate and amazingly went through it without any trouble. We had no leftovers =p. But this group is pretty loud. After eating, they spent most of their energy having fun, talking, kicking and of course performing.

They sang four more songs for us including Go the distance and Tong4x pakitong-kitong. I couldn't believe we were having a mini concert in our house! How I wished I had a video cam.

My sister, pretty in pink.

The choir going home.

In case you were wondering, this is the University of Mindanao Chorale.


  1. biruin mo kabewtdey ko pa pala kapatid mo...belated sa amin kamo and happy fil-am friendship day!!!

  2. july 4 ka rin pala? di ko yata nasundan ah. belated sa 'yo!

  3. wow! i can imagine them just by looking at the photos. saya saya! hindi pa ako naka attend ng party na may kantahan ng mga choir members. ang saya siguro.

    belated happy birthday sa kanya.

  4. a very late happy birthday to your baby sister! :) you're a sweet ate to help prepare everything for her bday celebration.

    and woooooooooowwwwwwwww!!!!!! they must sound really good, the choir, i mean. :D

  5. thank you dong and acey for the greetings! message sent hehehe

    ur welcome wanderingcommuter (erik?) hehehe

  6. blog hopping lang po.. care to xlink?? :D