Thursday, October 23, 2008


I just received my very first online purchase the other day. It arrived sooner than expected, and in good condition, too. I bought the DVD because I read the book and just had to watch it. The movie's called Thunderheart, which stars Val Kilmer. I don't remember seeing it, there was no VCD available here, and I couldn't find my Video City no more. Where have they gone?

Anyway, I just decided to document the packages I received so far.

The first one came from an indie Texas band. Back in 2003, when the All-American Rejects came out, I went gaga over them, and eventually, over some other bands that sounded like them. That's how I came about the free mp3s of a band named Space Man Spiff. I googled them, but couldn't find anything. Then 2004 was Myspace year. It offered separate accounts for bands and musicians. Finally I found SMS! Of course, I told them I was a fan (from the Philippines - hahaha baga ug nawong ba?) Days later I got a reply. Another set of days later, I received a second message. This time it said that they were giving me a free copy of their CD for being their most distant fan! I didn't know you could win something just like that. If interested, you can listen to their music in myspace. I highly recommend the songs Dream is Real and Warm Sunshine. Unfortunately, they've disbanded in 2006.

space man spiffThe nice thing about their package was the casing. The cover was hand-drawn. But my favorite part was the back cover. Just see for yourself why.

space man spiffThe second package contained a book. It was also given to me for free because of a poem I got published there. Yes, that screaming one! It's fun to see your written work in a real book, especially when you're not a real writer. For a book that small, the packaging was a bit over the top.

scream The last one, of course, was the Thunderheart DVD. And yes, it's another American Indian film. It was good, though, in a crime movie kind of way. (Val Kilmer was so young!) I got it from ebay using my $20 in paypal ^__^.



  1. wow that is so cool to get a free CD for being the farthest fan woooot! did these packages arrive on the same day?... and your poem that got published on a book that is really awesome so that would be added on your long list of credential "poet" :D

    julienne the jack .....



  2. "This time it said that they were giving me a free copy of their CD for being their most distant fan"

    >>>> galing ah! personalized pa ang cover.

  3. @jeruel: i got the 1st one 2004 pa, then the book last June. hehehe nagcomment jud! =)

    @dong: salamat! paborito ko yung CD kahit hindi sila kilalang banda, kasi nga pinagpaguran ang drawing hehehe =)

  4. wow!!! so sweet of the band to send you a copy of their cd!!! that's like the coolest thing any band i know has ever done! :D you so lucky.. :D