Monday, April 27, 2009

New Films, Remakes & Sequels

Universal Soldiers 3Have you noticed the trend in the entertainment industry? Hollywood, and even our very own, are making decisions to remake/make a sequel of this or that faster than a machine gun. Though some are a little interesting (The Neverending Story), others are just plain hideous. Who would want an Attack of the Killer Tomatoes remake?

I've searched lists of upcoming sequels and remakes and I was surprised to see some titles. For the sequels we have Ghostbusters 3 and Universal Soldiers: The Next Generation (in photo). Don't blame me, but I loved the originals as a kid that's why I'll be following these two.

Now for the remakes:
Footloose (I just hope they cast a really good dancer)
Short Circuit
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Clash of the Titans (This is interesting. Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes together again after Schindler's List. They would play Zeus and Hades, respectively.)
Child's Play (When will Chucky die?)

The other films I'm following are: The Story of Bonnie & Clyde starring Hilary Duff, though I would like to see the older version first; Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe in a not so tight tights and Mr. Darcy as the Sheriff (in photo); last but not the least, The Lovely Bones, which is a little out of topic. But why include it?The Lovely Bones Mark Wahlberg
  • because I read the book
  • because I liked the book
  • because it's Peter Jackson's movie
  • because Mark Wahlberg is in it


  1. that makes us love the movies more. im anticipating transformers 2 and harry potter this year.

  2. yeah. there are really good sequels coming, especially the comic book movies. Can't wait for harry potter! dapat nga last year pa yan... =)