Thursday, June 30, 2011


MaiqMaiq channelling the Black Swan

Captured using Maiq's phone camera. I love its wide screen, just like a movie's.

Monday, June 27, 2011

North and South

North and South BBCWhen it comes to period romances, nothing can beat the popularity of Pride and Prejudice. It's everyone's favourite. But then as I got older, I've come to appreciate the maturity given to characters of Persuasion and others alike. Here Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South falls under.

North and South is rather new to me, only this year, I think, or late 2010 when I came across it. I was looking for something to watch over the weekend, a drama series because I was in the mood for that. I searched for the best British mini-series and N&S took the top spot in several lists. Found it on youtube but the start was rather slow and I got bored. It took a second viewing of the 2004 BBC drama's first episode and a comment advising everyone to be patient with it to make me finally sit down and watch. It was like watching P&P all over again, but with more social issues thrown in in an industrial setting. I loved it and looked for a copy of the book. There was none I could find here and in Cebu. That was one of my goals when I visited Singapore and with the help of a good friend I bought one.

North and SouthNorth and South, the book, was nothing like Austen, though the plots and characters had similarities. For me it felt more raw and expansive, harsh like the setting itself, while Austen's was more polished and personal. But we know that they are from different times, places and purposes.

In N&S you get to know a lot about the characters. Even the ones who make the littlest appearance get a background of some kind. It was also more than the BBC drama, though the TV series is great as it is and the changes made worked for its success. What I liked most about the book were the friendships made and the conversations. There were a lot of social and political debates and discussions that are still relevant today: the gentleman vs. the "true man", Mr. Hale's and Frederick's views on life, religion, conscience, and the morality involved in running a business (when they discussed human rights), in which I kept changing sides. For the most part, I agreed with Margaret, the heroine of the story; however, Mr. Thornton had his points, too, if you consider his character. From what transpired, we can't really judge a person until we fully grasp what he/she goes through: from past experiences, thoughts, to beliefs. No. In fact, I believe I'm not ever allowed to judge.

The only downside of the book for me was that the ending was rushed. I remember checking out how many pages were left when Margaret and Mr. Thornton had their final meeting, and there were only two! But all in all I loved the book, the film and all its layered goodness.

P.S. I mentioned before in my Hobbit post that Richard Armitage will be playing one of the dwarves. Well that's him at the top playing Mr. Thornton. Can't wait to see him in the Hobbit though unrecognizable I'm sure, but hope not. Also, I'm currently watching Being Human, and Mitchell the vampire (Aidan Turner) will be Kili the dwarf. That's another one to look out for.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gray Eco-bag

Gray Ecobag
My first Eco-bag project: handsewn and made of thin cloth, unfortunately.
The next time I sew, hopefully I've learned to use the machine and found patterned canvas fabrics.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Red Crocheted Bag

Crocheted Bag Red
Crochet was one of my classmates' pastimes back in college. I think it all started with Shan's bags. You see, her mother is great with crochet that I almost wished my old grandmother didn't die too early so she could teach me, too. Shan sold crocheted bags made by her mom and crafted wonderful head bands and accessories. It didn't take long before my classmates took on the hobby. And of course, I got hooked. It was them who taught me the basics till I could make my own cell phone pouch. This one here's an oldie, a bigger bag made in the same pattern. One of these days I would want to take up the hook and yarn again.

Speaking of bags, I'm currently fascinated by eco-bags. These are eco-friendly and reusable shopping bags first made to be substitutes for paper and plastic bags, but can also be used in any way. I've bought a book of different eco-bag designs and sewed one last May. I'm going to show the finished project later. ^^

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Analea's Wedding

Two Sundays ago, I went with two of my college friends to Tagum to attend Grace's sister's wedding. I was not acquainted with the bride, but was nonetheless invited after I recommended a friend photographer to do her prenup. It was the first Sunday wedding I've attended and in a Catholic Church too, which got me a little confused. But upon searching the web, I found out that it is up to the Diocese to allow or disallow.

Cycy's outfitGoing to weddings is an opportunity to photograph outfits. This one's what Cyril wore.

Grace, Cy2, Ailencollege friends (from L-R: Grace, Cy2 and Ailen, the next one in line.)

Ailen's shoesAilen's shoes

Analea the brideAnd last but not the least, Analea, the bride. Her name reminded me of Rosalia by Better than Ezra. I kept singing it that time.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Singapore pt. 4

Sentosa towerthe new header :)

Sentosa Sembawang

Our last two days in Singapore were spent in Sentosa and Sembawang where a cousin who celebrated his birthday lives. I felt so at home there, like I was not out of the country. And they cooked a lot of Filipino dishes for the occasion! =)


going home

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Singapore pt. 3: Esplanade

Ah exhibit at esplanadethe Ah! exhibit at Esplanade

Ah exhibit at esplanade
Marina Bay view from Esplanade
Esplanadewe almost got hit by a scrap metal while walking down that path. where it came from, we don't know...

$1 wafer ice cream. thought i heard my friend call this 'soap bar'

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller DaydreamingDaydreaming

Received this print along with a lovely postcard last week from Rebecca Miller. The give-away was hosted by Amanda of Here comes the sun. Thank you to both of you! I love the print. I'm going to hang it some place nice soon. Maybe beside my book shelves... :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Hobbit

Lee Pace
Lee Pace
The past month was full of news for The Hobbit movie, which got me all excited. Shooting has started and most of the major characters has been cast. So for those who don't know yet, eight of the original Lord of the Rings actors are returning including Elijah Wood, Cate Blanchett and Orlando Bloom whose characters are not even in the book.

I trust Peter Jackson's judgement when it comes to casting and it's great that I only recognize two actors for the dwarves, Richard Armitage and Dean O'Gorman (Young Hercules' Iolaus!!!). Time to give credit to lesser known, great thespians. But what surprised me was that he chose an American actor for the Elven King Thranduil and he's none other than Lee Pace (The Fall, and Pushing Daisies). *fangirl squee! Lee Pace, who will play Legolas' father. Lee Pace, who is younger than Orlando Bloom. How cool is that?

The Hobbit Polish Book Cover ContestIn other Hobbit-related news, the Polish Book Cover contest hosted by 50 Watts has just been concluded. I've heard about the contest two days before the deadline and it really interested me because I've always been fascinated by Polish Graphic Design. All you needed to do was make a Polish Book Cover version of your favourite book. And I thought why not? I just have to decide first which book I liked best.

I narrowed them down to The Secret Garden, The Name of the Rose, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. But since I couldn't think of designs for the others, I settled with The Hobbit. The image on the right I sketched on paper, photographed and edited in GIMP. Personally I think it's a rough version of something that needed to be redone by a professional graphic artist, or at least someone who's better than me in using a graphic software. The handwritten J.R.R. Tolkien text still makes me LOL. Nevertheless, I sent my entry.

Of course I did not win, but contests like these are great thinking exercises. Gotta join the next contest in line... =)

Link to the winning entries here

Monday, June 6, 2011


Sunrise in Johor Malaysia
Sunrise in Johor MalaysiaJohor, Malaysia's round sunrise
taken while on the way to Kuala Lumpur

Malaysiait rained half the time

MalaysiaCrows in Malaysia and Singapore are abundant.
You might want to watch out for droppings when you walk a tree-lined street.

We took a quick trip to Malaysia using a van service.
As a result, I lost a lot of sleep and developed a sty. :(