Friday, June 24, 2011

Red Crocheted Bag

Crocheted Bag Red
Crochet was one of my classmates' pastimes back in college. I think it all started with Shan's bags. You see, her mother is great with crochet that I almost wished my old grandmother didn't die too early so she could teach me, too. Shan sold crocheted bags made by her mom and crafted wonderful head bands and accessories. It didn't take long before my classmates took on the hobby. And of course, I got hooked. It was them who taught me the basics till I could make my own cell phone pouch. This one here's an oldie, a bigger bag made in the same pattern. One of these days I would want to take up the hook and yarn again.

Speaking of bags, I'm currently fascinated by eco-bags. These are eco-friendly and reusable shopping bags first made to be substitutes for paper and plastic bags, but can also be used in any way. I've bought a book of different eco-bag designs and sewed one last May. I'm going to show the finished project later. ^^

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  1. Crochet is awweesoome! I wish I could Crochet that bag looks great!!