Monday, May 14, 2012


Some drawings from my sketchbook -- most of them unfinished, too large for paper, disproportionate, or messy because I'm impatient like that. Someday though, I'd love to be able to sit down for hours just to make an art work.

drawing by julienne mumar

girl braiding her hair by julienne mumar

sketches by julienne mumar

nick drake by julienne mumar
nick drake #2 :)
"I'm a perfectionist without patience, I do not take the art of painting as a matter of live or die. I was perfectly able to enter into any other profession. In my case it was just a matter of commodity and circumstances, but in the end I prefer to be a painter artist. If I had not chosen painting, perhaps I would have been an actor, preferably a satiric one. I extremely love humor. Humor fascinates me in all mediums of expression. I pity people without humor they lose an important quality and healthy human activity." ~ Alex Perez