Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Food Tubes on the rise

River Cottage Food Tube
It's been almost a year since we had our cable subscription disconnected. The outcome: I've been watching less on television, but more online. It didn't really matter as I was still able to follow my favorite television series and watch movies. But what I missed the most and couldn't find online alternatives to was the Asian Food Channel.

I love cooking shows and have grown to like some of the chefs on AFC programs. Watching them is like having a relaxation ritual. Fortunately, because of my current fondness for YouTube, I've found some interesting stuff.

I first subscribed to Cooking with Ai, a Japanese cooking channel, the result of watching too much Japanese and Korean dramas. Then other shows kept popping up on the related videos. Once I finally subscribed to Jamie Oliver's Food Tube, the experience was overwhelming! They're all there. Well, not everyone, but some of them is better than nothing. I could watch River Cottage again, discovered Gennaro Contado, a very passionate Italian chef, and surprised by a mellowed down Gordon Ramsay. Watch below for a breakfast recipe treat.

French Food at Home's Laura Calder and the New Scandinavian Cooking team would make my AFC complete!


  1. Wa na sad mi cable subscription or more than a couple of years na. Tig paminaw na lang mi ug plaka or watch shows online. My daughter loves Cooking with Dog sa Youtube.

    1. cge icheck nako nang Cooking with Dog :)

    2. ahaha choy! Japanese diay gihapon.