Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Post-LOTR Movies

It's different now that I have no Lord of the Rings movie to wait for. Weird. But I still busy myself with other movies. I'm glad more and more historical and fantasy movies are coming out. I just watched Alexander at the new NCCC mall and the movie was good. Why didn't I know anything about Alexander before except that he conquered lands and tamed a wild horse at a very young age? The greatest conqueror was gay. I liked that. And his lover was played by Jared Leto. I liked that too.

I've been reading good reviews about Finding Neverland. I think this one'll be an Oscar contender. Go Johnny!

Anyway, aside from movies, there's the Civil Service Exam result and my transcript to watch out. The exam was unbelievably hard, especially the English part, which was more than 50% of the exam. They should have given more Math problems. I heard the passing grade was 80%. That means I can't have more than 30 mistakes... haaaayyyy unta pasado ko... so I can work in the government.

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