Thursday, November 26, 2020

Scrap Yarns and a Fair Isle-Inspired Crochet Beanie

Scrap Yarns - nephithyrion

It has been almost a year since I had a finished crochet project. The largest I've made was a grey granny square cardigan, which unfortunately came out short. Perhaps someone smaller than my size would be happy to have it.

Last year I had this urge to minimize my possessions, to focus on the essential things, and let go of unnecessary distractions. I didn't need a Marie Kondo to organize my life because I have always done what she was teaching. I was never a hoarder and kept everything simple. But I still felt the need to pare down a lot of things, including lists, projects, and online presence.

So I started with the easiest: books and craft supplies. I have been gradually donating my books and reducing my reading list to the ones I really want to read. No more pressure from peers and "books everyone should read" lists.

Fair Isle-inspired crochet beanie (nephithyrion)
Fair Isle-inspired crochet beanie

Next, I started to gather my leftover yarns and looked for projects that could use all those up. The first one was a Fair Isle-inspired crochet beanie. This took a long time to finish because I had no idea how to do it. It's not perfect, nevertheless looks pretty when worn by my sister.

I have another ongoing scrap crochet project, but it looks lousy; I don't know if I can save it. We'll see.

Stay safe, everyone!

Monday, August 26, 2019

Crochet Backlog

Some crochet works I haven't posted on this blog:

amigurumi panda - nephithyrion
Amigurumi Panda

crochet dumpling kitty - pattern by Sarah Sloyer - nephithyrion
Crochet Dumpling Kitty - pattern by Sarah Sloyer
crochet musical notes - nephithyrion
Crochet Musical Notes
Crochet red lace bookmark - nephithyrion
Crochet Lace Bookmark

Friday, August 16, 2019

Kadayawan Walk

Two days ago, I filmed a walking video around Magsaysay Park. I specially waited for this time of the year because of the Kadayawan Festival, when the tribes of Davao would build their houses inside the park --- called the Kadayawan Village. Thankfully it didn't rain the night before; the day was bright and the dirt tracks were dry.

This year's Kadayawan is noticeably different. The whole month is full of activities from different groups and sectors, including the usual trade fairs and bazaars inside malls and at the Davao Convention Center, food fests at Damosa and mall parking areas, concerts, cultural shows, exhibits, art, fashion, dance and sports events. You'd only have to look at the festival's official Facebook page to see what I mean. Last Monday, there was a free Taiwanese Cuisine Cooking Demonstration at the Grand Men Seng Hotel organized by Davao's Chinese Community, and yep, it's still a Kadayawan event.

Another thing that's different is the schedule of the two well-known parades. While before they were held on two consecutive days (Saturday and Sunday), this year the Indak-indak sa Kadalanan will be tomorrow, Saturday August 17, 2019, and the Pamulak or the Floral Float Parade will be on the next Saturday, August 24, 2019.

As for me, hopefully I could have some time to visit the remaining events. Happy Kadayawan!