Monday, October 23, 2006


Making web sites is hard. You need to be updated all the time, study new things and master them faster than the time to normally learn them. Hahaha. I really need to finish my project. But I don't know how. Gee, this is hard.

Okay. I won't lose my mind... I watched The Taming of the Shrew last night. That's the one with Rufus Sewell playing Petruchio (spelling?). Anyway, that actor, Rufus, has been on my movie notebook for quite a long time and I didn't notice him. He always looked to me as "the guy with the familiar face". And now that I've searched for other movies where I've seen him, I say he's quite a brilliant actor. He has this range of roles I don't think most actors could ever portray. He has this expression that makes him a good villain, appeal that could make him a heartthrob, and eyes that could pass for a really compassionate character. And yes I would watch out for his projects. He plays Prince Leopold in The Illusionist.

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