Friday, November 14, 2008

New Template

nephithyrion template 2
A new skin for another year. I thought about changing this site's template early this year, but it never came through. But yesterday, I finally did. When I started working last September, I realized I was far from being good in CSS. So I studied more by designing and rendering Joomla templates. Then a friend asked me to design his blog. I came up with this:

Jeruel Niche Template
It wasn't that good for an 'artsy' requirement. It had mostly measurement problems but was approved anyway. And I take it as a welcome learning experience.

On deciding what to do, I couldn't quite let go of the previous design, that's why the blue background was retained as well as the other text colors. The header is, well, still fantasy themed. I love the photo by the way. =)


  1. not bad for that. it's simple but still cool. i prefer a simpler looking blog.