Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Analea's Wedding

Two Sundays ago, I went with two of my college friends to Tagum to attend Grace's sister's wedding. I was not acquainted with the bride, but was nonetheless invited after I recommended a friend photographer to do her prenup. It was the first Sunday wedding I've attended and in a Catholic Church too, which got me a little confused. But upon searching the web, I found out that it is up to the Diocese to allow or disallow.

Cycy's outfitGoing to weddings is an opportunity to photograph outfits. This one's what Cyril wore.

Grace, Cy2, Ailencollege friends (from L-R: Grace, Cy2 and Ailen, the next one in line.)

Ailen's shoesAilen's shoes

Analea the brideAnd last but not the least, Analea, the bride. Her name reminded me of Rosalia by Better than Ezra. I kept singing it that time.

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