Monday, November 19, 2012


Julienne's Facebook network
my Facebook network (Oct 2012)

So I have just completed two courses at Coursera. For those not yet familiar, Coursera, along with Udacity and Harvard's edX, is a free online education service founded by two computer science professors from Stanford.

I initially enrolled in four courses, but couldn't cope with the lectures because of time constraints. So eventually, I reduced my focus to two subjects of the same topic: networks. The first one started earlier and was more theoretical, which for me was good because when the second network course started, its instructor immediately used a lot of terms that wouldn't have been understood by a first time student.  The second course also tended toward analysis and applications: a happy coincidence. My FB network above was from our first assignment.

Now that I have to finish my thesis, I really hope I could use network analysis. The problem again would be where to find data or what the topic would be. Suggestions would be highly appreciated! :)

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