Friday, January 24, 2014

New old books

I need to go out more often. Staying at home most of the time makes me sick, literally. I spent last year's Christmas week in bed, my first time to be ill on Christmas day. Then there are things going on around the city that I missed. My brother just told me that there's a new McDonald's, which has been there quite a while, in front of the first ever Jollibee branch in Davao City (Bolton St.). From what I can remember, that place was still under construction. Did I fail to notice it while riding the jeepney? Did I even go that way this past few months?

It was also just lately that I walked by the new Booksale branch in SM City Davao. Booksale sells second hand books, and when my sister and I looked around, we got these:

Jane Austen Hardy
yay books!

Since I already have P&P and Persuasion, all I have to find is a copy of Sense & Sensibility.

First up for reading, Mansfield Park. I've seen the 2007 ITV production starring Billie Piper as Fanny Price. It's a fair film, though a bit underwhelming most probably because of its characters, or lead character who isn't at all like the other Jane Austen heroines. With the book, which started out slow, I had to force myself to continue reading after the first few chapters. However, as I'm nearing the middle, I'm starting to like Fanny and the pace is getting better, so we'll see.

What else? I watched Austenland last night. :)


  1. My 2 SILS worked at the first Jollibee and McDo in the Davao. Nag parada pa gani to sila.

    ...and until now, wa pa jud ko kasugod ug basa ug libro. *sigh

    1. :) uso2 pod tung parades sa una..
      Pangita n lng ug easy to read books. Kanang mga contemporary.

  2. New Year's Eve I was having major tummyaches naman. Tsk Tsk... But of course, nothing that an "unplanned" trip to Booksale can cure... Miss you... See you soon. :)