Thursday, October 28, 2004

Art Rediscovery Workshop

October 22-24. I was able to attend a 3-day Art Rediscovery Workshop sponsored by the Dugukan Gallery. Everything was free, thanks to Mitandi. I was accompanied by Amras and Pachi. We were supposed to be student observers, so we acted like we were. We didn't participate in the discussions and had our own little discussions and debates ourselves. They've given us these bond papers, I guessed for drawing, and used them for a chat room.

The first day, for me, was already not good (sorry). There was no program, or if there was, I don't think it was followed. The participants, particularly those who were more than responsive, couldn't seem to control themselves. It sometimes resulted to a cycle of the same questions and answers! Luckily, as said earlier, everything was free and snacks were served: pansit and sandwich for the first half and another pansit and sandwich for the second half.

Day 2. We were told from the start that we'd be making our own concept in writing (oops! I forgot the term hehe) before sketching or painting, whatever. But the discussions and sharing of heartbreaking art experiences were unending it was given as an assignment. Somebody started that everyone should have the chance to share and obviously, I didn't like that. I was lucky it stopped with Amras. Sadly, I'd have to start the next day. makalagot! The snacks by the way were another set of pansit and sandwich.

Day 3. I was late haha! My ... started that morning and... Anyway, I was late period. I hoped I was too late for the snack, and I was! But Pachi, who was also late, gladly served me another plate of pansit (English term pls.) and sandwich. I could not take another bite of it so I set it aside. Eventually, when the workshop resumed, they remembered who'd be the next speaker -- me. I made my speech short, I'm master of that! After everyone has spoken, lunch break at 2 p.m. I didn't return for the last session to attend my cousin's, uncle's and late grandpa's birthday party. Relief. I have learned a lot about art, though. One is that my art is called 'cutism.' (?? hahaha)

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