Thursday, October 14, 2004

Space Man Spiff

When I started to be All-American Rejects crazy (that was last year), i joined everything that had to do with them, including egroups. And usually when I join egroups, I check out the files. There I found three copies of Space Man Spiff (SMS) songs. I guessed they were local bands, but I still downloaded the songs. I liked listening to their music so I brought it home. Now this person who uploaded the songs asked about the band. I searched for them on the net but couldn't find any info so I let it go. Then Friendster came... then MySpace... then MySpace offered separate accounts for bands and music artists. There I finally found SMS. I told them I was a fan from somewhere far and they added me. Then one day I got a message, which I posted earlier here, that I was going to be awarded most distant fan and with that a free CD! And guess what? Yesterday, I got the CD! The band member who sent it even drew on the cardboard case... (bugas ba! sa makasabot lang..hehe. pangit jud ug agi ning mga kano. sa makasabot, ayaw mog saba!). The CD had seven songs so I played it twice everytime to make it fourteen. I love 'Dream is Real', it was like a prayer... here's a pic of the band:

space man spiff

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