Sunday, April 17, 2005

Skirts and Ceremonies

Hopefully the last time I put on a dress/skirt, the whole time I was waiting for the graduation ceremony to end. I wore that beige turtleneck blouse and knee-length skirt for exactly three and a half hours in a bright and sunny morning (haaayyyy). The last time I wore a skirt was in high school (uniform!) and proms were celebrated at night. Fortunately, I didn't get a LOT of attention from my classmates, or if I did, I did a great job ignoring them. Unlike most of the graduates, the usual feeling of finally leaving school was not there, I had that a semester ago. But then 'UP Naming Mahal' was sung and honestly, I was a bit affected, so I stopped singing =). How I wish I was back at school again and have activities with Mitandi!!!! Or go to the movies with my movie pal, Eds!!!! I miss receiving my monthly stipend with good grades as payment. Then, I love working, too...and applying for jobs...and the feeling of taking up new courses someday. Everything is bittersweet....

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