Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Not your usual good-looking

These men are no Brad Pitt or George Clooney, but who cares? I've read several forums lately and they talk about this "strangely attractive" men, so I thought why not list some of them...that's according to me, of course.

Here we go!

10. Jimmy Fallon
Why is it so hard to find serious Jimmy Fallon pics?

Jimmy Fallon
9. David Wenham
He's always the intelligent sidekick. I like that, and his big nose. :)

David Wenham
8. Mark Ruffalo
Sweet! Especially in his movies.

Mark Ruffalo
7. Chris Cornell
Amazing songwriter and singer. He's the best rock vocalist of the 90s!

Chris Cornell6. Dave Matthews
The eyebrows do the work.

Dave Matthews
5. Robert Knepper
Yep! This villain is sexy. Just ask 'em girls. Actually, he's here because T-Bag made me cry.

Robert Knepper
4. Rufus Sewell
Great actor. I'm such a big fan.

Rufus Sewell3. Colin Firth
Need I say more?

Colin Firth2. William Fichtner
You don't know him? Google. IMDB. Prison Break and several BIG movies. You won't miss this face. He's everywhere. He's got fans from ages 14 to 50!

William Fichtner1. Alan Rickman
I was like seven years old when I saw Robinhood and he's been one of my favorites since.

Alan Rickmanwith honorable mentions:
Hugh Laurie and Peter Sarsgaard.
(addition: Oded Fehr from The Mummy)

Did I miss anyone? Who does not deserve the list?



  2. Ufff! I love Robert Knepper and Rufus Sewell.