Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Wall

The wall... blank... Seems like this one thing surrounds me all the time. The bright light's reflection made it a brilliant combination of white and yellow. Just staring at it reminds me of so many events, not only in my life, but also of history.

The wall, strong and hard, surrounded by beauty and struggles, is a foundation. Just like a person in a government, it supports a bigger structure. I see there are some things attached to it. Those fan switches, light switches, and plugs pasted looked like tiny dots because of the wall's broad reach. They looked like nothing.

As I closed my eyes, the wall was different. I saw the same wall at the same place, but it was different. It was living. The wailing and beating it made drove me away from my fantasies. This is now the reality.

The wall became an instrument for people. I heard cries from crowds, from people who are suffering because they lacked something they are supposed to have. Freedom! I did not only hear them, I also saw them. A picture slowly appeared from the wall just like it does on television. The crowds, they made a lot of writings on the wall. Vandalism is everywhere. But why did they use the wall? Is it because they believed in the wall's capability to voice out and let every one hear? Maybe.

The wall then became a barrier. It stopped anything. It drove out enemies. I even saw Christopher Reeve use the wall to block the aliens out. I saw prisoners trying to make their way through the wall, but they were weak. The wall was still strong.

Then I was startled by some noise. I immediately opened my eyes and saw a classmate pass by the wall. Beautiful. The wall returned back and it is still beautiful. However people tried to use it, they were not able to take away its blankness.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I saw a robin redbreast
Lie hidden in his nest
Trying all his best
Not to be seen by the coming guest

I climbed up the tree
And saw a vast see
Where the robin had to flee
To run away from me