Monday, September 24, 2007

Collective Soul - Afterwords

"Afterwords" is Collective Soul's newest treat for fan's allover the world. Released last August 28 on iTunes and Target, I personally liked it especially after a couple of listen.

You can listen to the whole album at

When I first heard their new songs, I honestly didn't know what to think. It has the same Collective Soul feel to it, but there were only a few catchy tunes. At first. I didn't like the feeling of not liking the album, so I had to listen again...and again...and again... I didn't want to stop after. =)

It's a good album, with great upbeat songs and infectious slow ones. Add to it another deviation from Ed Roland's vocals: guitarist Joel Kosche sings "I Don't Need Anymore Friends." It reminded me of Ross Childress's "Dandy Life." My favorite would definitely be "Georgia Girl."

The album's got good reviews on the web, but I have yet to find a negative one. The only thing they'd worry about was the marketing strategy CS made. Though the sales may be going well as it debuted at #25 on the Billboard Comprehensive Albums Chart and #5 on the Billboard Top Internet Albums Chart.

Read Afterwords Album Review at Rizzo Music

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