Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jango: New Internet Radio

My internet radio started with and Launch, which was then purchased by Yahoo. I just liked listening to music while browsing the web. It's a great way of discovering new music around the globe. Then Pandora came. To play it, however, I needed to input a US zip code. That was easy. Pandora had been a good experience but it slowed down my computer.

Then there was an increase in online music fee. Pandora, Launchcast, and other online radios shut down. Now Pandora checks your IP address and restricts its service to the US only.

I was invited a month ago, I think, by a girl from Myspace to join the Beta users of This is a new Internet Radio with almost the same features as Pandora, except that it's also a Social Networking site. I tried it and it works well for me. It can be a substitute for Imeem users who want to make their own radio stations and for the nonusers, you can start your online music journey here. Ask me for invites, I still have a few left.

CrunchyRoll: the Asian Youtube

For those who love anime, Asian dramas, Asian music or any Asian video, sign up with Unlike Youtube, it plays videos per episode so you won't have to worry where Episode 1 Part 15 has gone. There are also English subs as indicated.

Trivia: It's called crunchyroll because shinji, the site owner, loves sushi!

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