Friday, September 14, 2007


Who says you need to wait for New Year to make resolutions? The time is now.
"Now! Return to your noble life now. Don't let yourself be fooled. 'Now' is not too soon... nor too late."

"Tomorrow! Sometimes it is prudence, many times it is the adverb of the defeated."
These are the words of Blessed Josemari­a Escriva from his book "The Way". He talks about resolutions like it is very much related with time. And I've realized that it is... that's why resolutions are so hard to fulfill just as time is very difficult to manage especially with people as lazy as me.

But the good news.

Yes there's hope for us slackers. "Make FEW resolutions. Make SPECIFIC resolutions. And fulfill them with the help of God." Again, FEW and SPECIFIC. That wouldn't be too hard, would it?

What did he mean by specific? Blessed Josemari­a gave an example. If I say "I want to be a saint," that would be a "broad and vague assertion." The goal has to be clear and simple, like "to attend Mass every Sunday" instead.

Now if you have your list, add this up:
"To recall, when you receive honors and praise, everything that brings you shame and embarrassment. The shame and embarrassment are yours; the praise and the glory are God's."

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