Saturday, October 13, 2007


I have seen some Numb3rs episodes before, at AXN, but I was not able to start it really. It's been a year since, and I have resolved to start all over after my brother asked me a simple Calculus question... and I couldn't answer. Let me explain... I have graduated from college three years ago. My course: Applied Mathematics. My previous job: Proofreader. My current job is supposed to be a little Math-related: Web Developer. But not if all you do is debugging. I don't remember my Math, well except Algebra. But that's not acceptable.

Okay, back to Numb3rs. First seven episodes. Done.

It was a little fast. But I could catch Charlie's (the great David Krumholtz) explanations most of the time, though. Thank goodness the writers make it a point to explain even the most basic of terms such as Composite and Prime numbers. But I wonder if real mathematicians talk like that in normal conversations. I mean the dialogues between Charlie and Larry (the physicist) are a little over the top, even if I imagine my past professors at school. They do talk like that sometimes, but not machine gun fast. Well... they are geniuses... so I guess it's probable.

Numb3rs is in its fourth season now. In the net, it has teamed up with Wolfram, the creators of Mathematica, to explain the Math behind Numb3rs. I've also found a Northeastern University math professor's blog where he comments on the television show.

Anyway, I think I'm inspired... to finally take my masters degree! Maybe at the start of school next year, I'll be lining up for registration. We have MS Applied Math in my city now.


  1. What an interesting blog you have! I'm sure you remember a lot more math than I do!

  2. thanks for dropping by Lynda! and I admire your art =)