Friday, November 9, 2007


Thank goodness it was extended for another week (on its third week now)!!! I thought I would not be able to see it. I have a rule on fantasy movies: watch them in cinemas.

StardustI expected a different movie. As I've seen from trailers, I thought it would be a serious fantasy wannabe, but it wasn't THAT serious. And it's definitely not a wannabe. I thought I'd be sitting there with my face all somber and watch all action and adventure, but I've never had great laughs from a movie in such a long time. Original, funny, dramatic, fantastic! I wondered what the IMDB ratings and comments were. And there it was in the top 250! I imagined the comments would mention the Princess Bride. And so they did, several times actually. Though I have yet to see it.

Stardust is not like any other I've seen. It's a bit like Ella Enchanted, but with a more serious plot and goal. It is a fairy tale love story that has everything from drama, action and special effects that were just right. Everything wasn't overly done, especially the funny parts. It was not a Robinhood: Men in Tights kind of comedy. The dialogues were witty.

The cast was amazing (Actually, that's one of the reasons I have to watch the movie). Though I've only seen Charlie Cox in Casanova, he did a great job. In fact, Claire Danes didn't quite shine (as her character did in the movie) without Charlie with her on screen, but I still liked her. Michelle Pfeiffer was beautiful and Robert De Niro was hilarious. I loved the supporting roles especially the ghost princes. They were very unforgettable. And who could miss Ian McKellen as the narrator?

All in all, it's a 9 out of 10! If you want a lighthearted kind of fantasy/adventure, watch it in the big screen while it's still showing.

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