Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul IILast Sunday, I had the opportunity to watch the movie Pope John Paul II. The last time I've read about this movie was when I researched about The Princess Bride, which starred Cary Elwes. It's all on IMDB, so on Cary Elwes's page, I found this title and he played the younger Karol Wojtyla. When my father told me the Church was going to play a John Paul II movie in the cinema, I had the feeling it would be the one with Cary. I was right!

The movie was very informative and, quite unexpectedly, fun to watch. I liked the portrayals of Cary (who was always the prince and now a Pope) and Jon Voight, whom I'll always remember as a villain in movies (wait, I recall he played a President). The Pope's transformation from healthy and athletic to someone who can barely move, walk and talk was impressively captured by Voight.

From that movie, I realized that JP II is somewhat similar to our beloved companion, Gandalf: the old age, wisdom, a playful or childlike nature and, of course, a staff (hehehe). He's a real-life Gandalf, someone you can always turn to for teachings, support, companionship, courage, adventure, love.


  1. wow, there’s a film about our favorite pope? that’s so cool.

  2. yes… i think there are several others, but this is the best yet. search in imdb.