Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Poorest Place in the US

...the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota.

They need books for their schools. Donations and other support can be sent through the Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation website.

"They made us many promises,
more than I can remember,
they only kept but one; they
promised to take our land
and they took it."
--Red Cloud (Lakota) ca. 1900

The US gov't spend millions (supposed to be) "helping" other nations when its poorest places are equivalent to the least of the third world countries.


  1. sad... i wish i could help, too.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more, though I know that the world over, there are millions suffering more than I can imagine. It's everywhere: poverty and disenfranchisement and oppression and fear.

    Yet the rich pursue more wealth, while the governments covet more power and uphold the pursuit of wealth.

    I don't know what humanity is coming to, but I hope and pray that we can mature and become wise to a better way.

    I have come to hate greed more than anything, because the nature of it is so relentless and rapacious.

  3. Hello Lynda. Thanks for the comment. Yes greed I think is the root. I hear about it everywhere these days, in church, the streets... my aunt mentions it a lot too.