Monday, May 26, 2008

SCREAM is finally published!

Scream Collected PoemsMy poem "An Invitation" was chosen to be part of this collection by Edit Red. Yay! I'm so happy it finally got published. However, you won't see my name in it because when I joined Edit Red, I used this corny little name so no one would know I wrote those things on that page. I'm not a good writer, you see. This is my Edit Red page.

I never intended to join the anthology. I didn't pass anything. But Jewels, the editor of Scream, included it nonetheless. As far as I could remember, she commented on that poem before she was appointed editor. So I guess she liked it and remembered it. Thank you Jewels! =)

Buy a copy of Scream here
"The general consensus in the world of publishing is that people don't want to read poetry any more. Publishers have canonized dead poets and then laid them to rest. Gravestones adorn the shelves of every mainstream bookshop. Meanwhile, the new poets, the new voices have been stifled, reduced to a muffled cry from beyond the catacombs. They are screaming to be unearthed. These poets scream in this anthology."
~ Jewels Johnson, editor


  1. yay. san yan mabili? hehe. congrats!! :)

  2. huwaw congratulations...naku, that is a lesson learned: never to be scared in putting your identity in your pieces...

    BANG! BANG! ako nga din pala. hahaha!

  3. =) yun nga din hehehe. next tym, isipin ko nang mabuti kung real name ang gagamitin ko heheheh

    salamat sa inyo!!

    ps sa available ang book.

  4. wonderful! i am so proud of you!!! must be a beautiful poem. =D congratulations!!!