Monday, June 30, 2008

What tarot card are you?

thanks acey for the link =)

You are the Hanged Man

Self-sacrifice, Sacrifice, Devotion, Bound.

With the Hanged man there is often a sense of fatalism, waiting for something to happen. Or a fear of loss from a situation, rather than gain.

The Hanged Man is perhaps the most fascinating card in the deck. It reflects the story of Odin who offered himself as a sacrifice in order to gain knowledge. Hanging from the world tree, wounded by a spear, given no bread or mead, he hung for nine days. On the last day, he saw on the ground runes that had fallen from the tree, understood their meaning, and, coming down, scooped them up for his own. All knowledge is to be found in these runes.

The Hanged Man, in similar fashion, is a card about suspension, not life or death. It signifies selflessness, sacrifice and prophecy. You make yourself vulnerable and in doing so, gain illumination. You see the world differently, with almost mystical insights.

What Tarot Card are You?

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Heads Down

Euro 2008 is almost over and I have watched not a single game. =( Too bad RPN 9 Davao signs off before 12. So, till next time guys. I hope Nuno Gomes still plays for the national team in 2010 and wearing the captain's armband. Haaayyy.. he wore the captain's armband? And I missed it!!! I hope Deco will still be there too, and Simao. Maniche and Nuno Valente were not in the team this year. Why?

So Spain and Germany for the finals, huh? I wish Spain wins! But Germany's a very good TEAM.

Nuno Gomes fixes the captain's armband onto the arm of Cristiano Ronaldo after he was substituted during their Euro 2008 quarter-final soccer match against Germanyboth captains

Nuno Gomes celebrates his goal with Cristiano Ronaldo during their Euro 2008 quarter-final soccer match against Germanywhy are these two always together?

referee Frojdfeldt checks on Mertesacker and Ronaldo after a clash of heads.
Raul Meireles and Jose Bosingwa look dejected at the end of the Euro 2008 Championships quarter-final football match Portugal vs. Germany
Bastian Schweinsteiger celebrates surrounded by Portuguese midfielder Petit (L), defender Pepe (2ndR) and midfielder Raul Meireles after German forward Miroslav Klose scored his team's third goal during the Euro 2008 Championships quarter-final football match Portugal vs. Germany
German midfielder Michael Ballack (L) celebrates after winning the Euro 2008 Championships quarter-final football match Portugal vs. Germanyi hate you! hehehe just kidding.

Germany's Michael Ballack, right, celebrates with teammate Lukas Podolski after scoring his side's third goal during the quarterfinal match between Portugal and Germanyphotos:, reuters, getty images

Friday, June 27, 2008

On Dying

Yesterday I watched P.S. I Love You.
I knew Gerry dies at the beginning of the movie.
When I turn on the TV, I see stories of people whose lives were taken by Frank.
My sister was admitted to the hospital two days ago.
Yesterday I visited her and I saw, well... it was everywhere...
I watched Untamed Heart again.
I knew the man with the baboon heart dies at the end of the movie.
His name was Adam.
My sister finally went back home.
She told me things about her neighbor at the hospital.
I remember her, she's beautiful.
My sister said she has tumor, two of them.
She's twenty-something, I think.
Her husband passed away. Her legs could not move.
Her two-year old child has asthma.
Several doctors visit her and all she could ask was, "Am I dying?"

Now what was I complaining about?

Monday, June 23, 2008


photos taken on May 4, 2008 at Queensland, Davao City (the park with a large replica of the "David" statue). One day I will visit this place on sunrise. =)

queenslandis that Apo in the background?

queenslandThat's the east (photo above). Imagine the sun rising there. Beautiful!


Friday, June 13, 2008

kevin m. kirker

I had a friend request in myspace from one named kevin m. kirker. As a rule, I always view their pages before accepting the requests. So his page loaded and this strange music started to play. It was "strange and beautiful" (quoting Aqualung there). There are only two dominant sounds that come out of kevin's music. One's his voice. The other one's a harp. Yes, kevin m. kirker is the self-proclaimed king of harpcore!!! hehehe

You won't see anything else from his myspace page aside from this:

all of "our story now begins..." can be downloaded free of charge at WWW.KEVINMKIRKER.COM.

So I checked out his official site, which was interesting, and downloaded the whole thing. It is a nice album although I have a few problems with it. They all kind of sounded the same (I have yet to listen to it again) and the lyrics are so-so. But I don't care about that. Though his music is derivative as all other composers' are, the harp itself is something new. As a whole, the album is good. It felt like I was in a dimly lit bar listening to somebody reading an original poem. It is poetry sung.

p.s. if you find a photo of kevin, tell me. He is hiding. weird.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


YuMy neighborhood is running out of kids. At an age when everyone is playing indoors in front of television or computer screens, I kind of miss seeing children chasing each other on the streets. It was us long ago, but we have grown up, and no one seemed to take our place.

Yu is different. And because of the lack of kids his age, he often plays by himself, or rides a bicycle (adult size), or just visits, helps and have a conversation with his neighbors. Age didn’t matter to him. He was friendly to everyone. When he visits us (and usually we’d be surprised to see him come out of nowhere), he would talk to us about anything. Smart kid.

Last March he was invited by a neighbor from another street to join the Way of the Cross on a coming Friday. Unfortunately, he was not allowed to go that night by his grandpa. The next day (Saturday), that neighbor, upon hearing why he couldn’t come, asked him instead to attend the weekly KSP (Kasaulogan sa Pulong) in the chapel for that night. I stayed at home and the KSP started at 8 PM. Minutes after it began, I saw Yu walk past our house and heard his grandpa shouting that he’s not allowed to go out at night all by himself. He just answered that he promised to go to the chapel.

But now my favorite young neighbor is back in Japan with his family. He was brought here just a baby with an older brother, Jin, who just stayed for a while. His grandparents took care of him.

My father was told that Yu is doing well in Japan. Just this morning, he told me two accounts about Yu that are worth sharing.

The first one was when they went for a swim in the pool. Yu’s older brother didn’t let him borrow this thing children use to float and paddle in the water, so he asked his father in Bisaya if he could jump in the water. Although his father, a Japanese, did not understand what Yu was trying to say, he nodded and said yes. So Yu ran and jumped into the pool. Surprised, the father watched, but Yu was already swimming.

In another time, Yu wanted to borrow his brother’s bicycle, but was refused again. He shifted his attention to an old neighbor who was learning to ride a bike. He approached the neighbor, assisted and gave directions in, I imagine, the Visayan dialect. After that, he received a new bicycle as a gift from the neighbor. Way to go, Yu!

Now don’t think his older brother is bad. I have some good memories of him, too, although he stayed for just a short time. I’ve never seen anyone do a series of bows that fast like Jin. He did it in front of me while we were kneeling. We were playing in our house that time. =)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Roland Garros 2008

David Ferrer on his third round victoryLooking at the live scoreboard now at the official website makes me really nervous. If only I had cable TV, I could cheer on David Ferrer better. The first round went to Monfils. At this point, Ferrer is leading the second round 5-3. Waaaaaahhh I am really shaking while typing this. I remember my San Miguel Beer days back in grade and high school. I would go nuts like this just for a game.

The Roland Garros website is amazing. I wish I could make something near that. Live scoring with notes on who's serving plus the serve speed. Cool! Next year, they should add live broadcast for free heheheh.

David I hope you win!!!!!!

Update: 1:36 AM
And oh yeah, there's also a Live Radio Broadcast. Amazing.