Thursday, July 24, 2008

AMK Anime Event moved to August 17, 2008

I just want to help spread the word. This is a nice event!

Konnichiwa minna-san! AMK(Ani-Ma Kyoukai):the only Anime-manga Organization in Davao City, is inviting you guys to join our "anime-heat" event on August 17,2008 @ Metro Avenue (beside San Pedro Hospital, near Crafter's Haven).

We Need COSPLAYERS to participate in this event. Cosplayers must make sure and are willing to cosplay on the said event.

There will also be a Yu-gi-oh! card game tournament, manga/drawing contest, anime sing-a-like and other booths.

HOPE YOU GUYS CAN REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE or you can contact Marcel 09177188416 or Dichi (0926769181) for any feedbacks/comments/questions or if you want to Join.

PS: THE AUGUST 10 EVENT will be MOVED to AUGUST 17,2008 The Organizers rescheduled the date to jive it in with the Kadayawan festival. THANK YOU~

TO AMK Members:
Please try to understand (regarding the change of the date) since it is very essential for us to get the funds and equipment that we need. We are trying our best with the lack of man power that we have. Please understand the Main event ORGANIZERS and the event MANAGER. THANK YOU. PLEASE RE-INFORM your friends and to those whom you have given the flyers.

To the Audience & Contestants:
Please be informed with the change of the date of the ANIME HEAT event which will now be on AUGUST 17,2008 (prior to the opening of KADAYAWAn FESTIVAL). Please keep Posted for more infos and if there will be further changes. Thank you.


Source: Ani-Ma Kyoukai's Multiply
Kyoukai ni youkoso!


  1. wow, there's cosplay in davao?! cool!

  2. yes and i've heard about this last Sunday lang. I hope this event will not be cancelled. It still needs a lot of participants to reach the minimum, I think.

  3. how i wish we can go and join the event.