Friday, August 29, 2008

Kadayawan '08

So for the first time in a long time, I went out early to watch the Indak-indak sa kadalanan by myself with two goals in mind: experience my hometown's culture and take pictures. Before the parade started, I visited Osmeña Park where they put up real huts each representing one of the ten tribes that participated. I was glad to see some elders there.

Tagabawa / Bagobo
Tagabawa / BagoboMatigsalog
Ata ManuvuOvu Manuvu
Ovu ManuvuThen the parade started. The sun was so high that day but the people still came. And you could clearly see the wave that digital photography is making here in Davao City. I realized it was so hard shooting a parade especially when you are always looking for that moment. There are always people who are not part of the parade passing by. I'd have to position myself at the center of the street (with the performers), which I didn't feel like doing. Enjoy some of the photos I took:

Kadayawan 2008 Kadayawan 2008
(L) What I love about performances like these are the chantings. (R) This Maguindanaon kid is amazing. He would bend low so that his skirt would reach the floor, then he would dance while turning and moving forward.

Kadayawan 2008
our little warrior

Kadayawan 2008

Kadayawan 2008
The drums are really loud!!

Kadayawan 2008

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