Monday, August 11, 2008


It's been a long time since I've had any new drawings. Because I had none, I looked up my old scraps, photographed them (due to the absence of a scanner) and edited some in Photoshop. This one here's an unfinished portrait of Nick Wheeler, one of the All-American Rejects, I made back in college, which almost made it to the trash can. Since it looked trashy just the way it is, I used the fresco effect of Photoshop and got this:

I also uploaded the drawings to my multiply account. Here's the link to the album


  1. this is definitely not a reject! i like this one. ill try to check the other ones.

  2. thanks heheh..i hope you'll like the others too.

  3. I checked out your drawings and wow! they are fantastic! Thank God you didn't toss that drawing away, it is really good.

  4. thanks for dropping by Katrina, I'm glad you liked my drawings =)

  5. wow, so you are into drawings too. pareho din tayo. although its been a while since i made one. check my blog and check for the post with the tag visual craft.

    i like your style of shading. it reminded me of someone and i like the texture too...