Monday, September 1, 2008

Celebrities who look alike - Batch 2

More than a year has passed since I posted my first batch of Celebrities who look alike and since then I have noted new ones. In this batch, I'm glad, I have included more Asian celebrities especially Filipinos. Some of the pairs here might have been identified by other people already like in forums. But I didn't have the time to check for everyone.

I would also like to mention these three pairs because sometimes, one reminds me of the other. It may be because of similarities in their manners (the way they move, talk, etc.) or facial features.

1) James McAvoy and David Thewlis
2) Billie Piper and Neve Campbell
3) Eva Mendes and Assunta de Rossi (what do you think eh?)

Batch 2:

Ely Buendia and Lee Sun Gyun (Korean actor. Major role in Coffee Prince)Ely Buendia and Lee Sun GyunAngel Locsin and Kristin Kreuk (I think a lot of people already know this and some do get offended. I don't know why. There's nothing wrong with either of these girls.)Angel Locsin and Kristin KreukEmile Hirsch and Whitfield Crane (Crane is the lead singer of Ugly Kid Joe. Most people would name Leonardo diCaprio and Jack Black as Emile's look-alike. But not me. Watch his movies, watch Crane's music videos. Both of them are very playful. Maybe they are in real life, too.)Emile Hirsch and Whitfield CraneDrew Arellano and Robert Downey, Jr. (yeah?)Drew Arellano and Robert Downey, Jr. Nuno Bettencourt and Gael Garcia Bernal (Nuno is the lead guitarist of the band Extreme. Remember "More than words"?)
Nuno Bettencourt and Gael Garcia BernalToma Ikuta and Ryan Agoncillo (Toma is a Japanese actor)Toma Ikuta and Ryan AgoncilloSerena Dalrymple and Camila Bordonaba (Camila is an Argentine singer and actress. If you watch TV 5's Rebelde, you'd see her. I miss Serena.)Serena Dalrymple and Camila BordonabaJustin Bartha and Dominic MonaghanJustin Bartha and Dominic Monaghan


  1. hehehe... kakatuwa naman yan. hindi yata ako ganun ka pasensyoso para mgahanap at malaman kung sino sino ang magkamukha. kaya ito para sa yo "clap clap clap". hehehe... ang iba dito hindi ko kilala.

  2. =D hirap din maghanap ng pictures na halos pareho ang pose hehehe... yun nga rin eh alam ko hindi makikilala yung iba kaya todo introduce talaga hehehe.

  3. hahaha... may mga hawig nga but i can say lahat sila...

    saka bias ako kay gael garcia bernal---nababadinga ko sa kanya eh. whatever! hahaha

  4. hahaha.. si bernal nakakabading? wow hehehe

  5. hahaha. oo nga noh. but whatever happened to the darymple kid?

  6. In my opinion, I think Serena Dalrymple much rather looks like Emily Osment (an actor who plays the role of hannah montana's best-friend.)

  7. I think Serena looks more like Emily Osment. The resemblance is almost... scary. o.O

  8. I came across that thought today when I saw the last name of Dalrymple, searched for it and I came across this blog. what did happen to her? I guess she retired then came back I think... but anyways she does look like Emily osment hehehe...

  9. The only thing really accurate is Angel Locsin and her pair and Serena too. The rest, well. It's either you're pretty blind or just stupid to see those pairs look totally different. Have a nice day :)