Monday, November 24, 2008

Photography Hiatus

Last June I started going back to school, then got a new job in September, that's why I haven't got much time for studying photography anymore. I've had photo opportunities though, and was lucky enough to have no work on Saturdays, which is my class schedule. Mostly I get invites to shoot on a Sunday. One I spent with a friend and her friend. We just walked the streets downtown. Another one was during the company outing in Samal. And just recently (yesterday, actually) a former coworker and master balikbayan invited Amor and me in a trip to Queensland (Davao City, not Australia). But I still have to organize all my new photos before I post them (it won't take that long).

In the meantime, I will show you some of my favorite photographs. I don't know a lot of photographers, and if I recognize some of their photos, I don't remember their names. There are only two who really stick. The first one's a photographer of Native Americans and the American West, Edward S. Curtis. This choice is fairly obvious because of my interest in American Indian culture.

The Oath (Apsaroke)The Oath (Apsaroke). This photo was part of the Edward Curtis exhibit at SM malls last year. I was excited to see it because this was also used as a cover of the Mohicans: Chapter I album, music inspired by Native Americans.

Canon de Chelly (Navajo)Canon de Chelly (Navajo)

Bear's Belly (Arikara)Bear's Belly (Arikara).

The other photographer is not unknown to you, I'm sure. He played Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Yes, Viggo Mortensen is not only an actor, he's also an active photographer, painter, musician and poet. These are some of my favorites from his works, taken during the filming of LOTR and Hidalgo:

Legolas Lost 2

Miyelo 8 Elijah

Edward S. Curtis's The North American Indian
"The Many Faces Of Viggo Mortensen" Painting & Photography
Art, Music & Poetry of Viggo Mortensen


  1. cool info. i didnt know viggo is a photographer.

  2. yeah, me too! i had no idea he took this pic of orlando bloom. i've seen this from somewhere but i didn't know viggo took it.

    i like the indian portraits. very interesting.

    it would be nice to see your photos, too! hehe.

  3. hurray for viggo!

    my photos coming soon...i really need to allot some time for my photos.