Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tagged: 10 things about myself

I got tagged by chi.

Here's my 10:

1. I don't like noisy dogs. =p

2. Scared of dogs since that event. Scared of spiders since that event.

3. My del Castillo family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, mom, cousins) loves movies. Betamax! My mom, uncle and aunts would go out separately, but they would run into each other in cinemas. 

4. Been a fan of American Indian culture since elementary. (think Last of the Mohicans and the Neverending Story - Atreyu!)

5. chi: I miss the 90s.
    me: I miss the 90s more!

6. I keep a notebook and scratch papers (because the notebook's full) of movies I've seen. Actually, I list a lot of things. I'm in the process of transferring this list to IMDB.

7. I still have my Sailor Moon, Dragonball, Ultraman, Ghost fighter and X-men cards. And oh, there was a time when pocket-sized pics of Devon Sawa was popular, so, yeah.

8. I want to be a detective, or the analyst sidekick of the detective (a la NUMB3RS)

9. I'm bad at this.

10. Hmmm... my English teacher in high school wrote this in my notebook: "so silent, yet sometimes I catch mischief in your eyes"


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  1. i too appreciate the american indian culture as much as the african culture.

    the movie apocalypto might be for you although it's about the incas.

  2. i haven't read much about the african culture. But one thing I surely like is their music and how they perform.

    i have yet to see apocalyto. i've been planning to watch it ever since..

  3. wow, a sailormoon fan! i LOVE sailormoon, too. hehe. nice list!