Monday, May 4, 2009

The hunt for Gollum has begun

I'm currently watching the 40-minute movie made by LOTR fans for LOTR fans. It's called The Hunt for Gollum if you haven't heard. It made it's online premiere on May 3, 2009. Go ahead and click the banner to watch the HD version. So far, so good. Additional comments later.

The Hunt for Gollum
Update (SPOILERS): Woohoo!! It was refreshing! There were few glitches here and there, especially with the FX department. Also, I was not that enthused by the use (or copying) of shots from the original film. But that was very minor and it was a nice feeling remembering those scenes. The musical score was very similar to Howard Shore's, which puts you in the right mood. The one who did the 3D renditions of sceneries and mountains did a great job. Lastly, putting Gollum in a sack was very clever! LOL Overall, the movie was excellent!

PS: Found this in the credits: Co-Produced by Gladys San Juan. What do you think?

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