Monday, June 8, 2009

The Beatles, Brainstormer and a Movie Quiz

Empire magazine celebrated its 20 years with a little something for us to waste our time in. Test your movie memory with The Crytic Canvas. You have to guess 50 movie titles of the last 20 years hidden in a painting. I got to 30 movies, and surrendered. See how many you can find!

The Beatles: Rockband
The Beatles: Rockband is a music game which comes out this September 2009. The official site has released its opening cinematic online. It's also available on youtube if your connection is slow.

brainstormerThe Brainstormer is a flash application designed by Andrew Bosley. I know several people (artists, writers, you) who might want to use this, especially those who've been running out of ideas lately.


  1. wow! i actually saw this in the news. im excited to try it.

  2. yung cryptic canvas (movie quiz) na news? cge try mo na!