Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

Michael JacksonI was in a jeepney on my way to work this morning when Michael Jackson came to mind. I was wondering if he wrote his own songs and thought I'd look it up in Wikipedia once I got to the office. That's because most pop stars don't write their own songs that I was intrigued.

Well, I reached the office alright and completely forgot about it like most other thoughts you conjure up while commuting. But just before I turned on my PC, my coworker/seatmate suddenly made the big announcement. MJ passed away just hours ago. I was shocked. I could not believe it. Unfortunately, it was true. It was out on the news this morning. That was the time I remembered what I planned to do, so I read about him like I never did before.

He did write most of his hit songs including my favorites "Will you be there", which appeared in the Free Willy soundtrack, and "Heal the World." I kind of feel stupid right now...why I didn't know these facts before. He's a true artist, and one of the greatest we've ever had. That moment in the jeepney... he must have flown all over the world and touched every one of his fans, even those who forgot him in time, which, I'm sad to say, included me. Yes, I can totally imagine that.

I would never forget how much I liked him when I was a kid. My uncle once caught me trying to copy his dance moves. That was a bit embarrassing. Most of his songs are lyrically and musically brilliant and socially significant that I never really understood why the media... Anyway, once, I saw this movie about MJ as a child. It was a difficult life he led. RIP


There's a really nice tribute to Michael Jackson, the boy who never grew up, written by Roger Ebert. Check it out.

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