Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Born of Hope - now showing online

The second Lord of the Rings fan film of the year is now showing. Born of Hope is a 70-minute film about the parents of Aragorn and the struggles of the DĂșnedain. I had lower expectations based on the trailers, which for me, were weaker than the trailer of The Hunt for Gollum, but I was surprised to see that the acting was good. The music, costumes, props, visual effects and landscapes: all very well-made. It was a little dragging at times, but overall, an excellent little film! The fans will surely love it.

The movie is being screened for free on Dailymotion.


  1. wow! is that an official movie or clip?

  2. no, dong. It's a fan film. Independent, fans lang gumawa =)