Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Waiting for the sun

As a child, I used to trace the path of the sun coming in from our kitchen door in the morning. The screen door always made a slanted shadow that formed boxes of light on the floor. There I would jump from box to box just like you would do playing piko. From the sun's rays I marveled at the dust particles and wondered whether they really came from the sun. It was magical.

But as time passed, our house changed. A roof was built at the back which blocked the sun most of the time, unless you wake up very early when the sun is still low on the horizon. I really don't understand what it is with renovations and extensions. It just makes the house too crowded. But anyway, I woke up early one morning and let the sunshine in! (My parents usually keep the door closed.)

Waiting for the sun by nephithyrion
P.S. I'm generally not photogenic so imagine my surprise when this photo turned out good. =p


  1. wow! i love the lighting on this pic...truly captures the words :)

  2. in this stage of my life I understand completely how you feel about changes, I wish the sunlight would never go away...