Sunday, December 19, 2010


Thought I'd give a bit of poetry for today as I was inspired by the following verse from my friend, Nej. The second one I made last year.

Who determines who is rich and who is poor?
Who judges who is wise and who's a fool?
When a native man walks barefoot in a city;
and a foreigner dances in awe of a star-filled sky.

~ Nejhima Faye Gerasta

Home Boy

Who says rough hands bring in more of these heads?
What of a heart, one that stays long after I'm dead?
Look at me, mother. Pray! Don't doubt I am wise
Like the cunning of the white man's enterprise.

Not one push, not more, would bring me down
Though I only wear a single feather for a crown.

~ Julienne M. (nephithyrion)

I like that they both touch on the native-foreign/white man theme.


  1. i love them both!!! <3

    i really do!!!

    nice work. i love how you both described the native and the visitor. ^^

    happy holidays!

  2. Merry Christmas to you too!

    And to everyone =)

  3. hi, julienne. may pa ka consistent imo blogging. hehe! hopefully, i can write more this year.

  4. @LA - makawrite jud ka more, kay nagawrite man ka pirmi sa Edge hehehe..

    bitaw oi, mas dali makapost kung puros lang pod picture ang ipost =D