Old Drawings Part 2

reading under a tree struck by lightning
Dickon and Mary the Secret GardenDickon and Mary from the Secret Garden

mushrooms and hobbitsmushrooms!!!


willy wonka cartoonwilly wonka

Old Drawings Part 1


  1. you are very talented julienne, loved your trace in the sketches! We have so many thins in common, besides being pisces and the love for nick drake.

    late happy birthday to you too! and yes we shall never conform but grow and dream.

  2. Thank you michelle, love the drawings in your blog too.

  3. oh my goodness, dear julienne... i'm so glad that you came across my blog and follow, otherwise, i would never found yours... these drawings are so beautiful... i love the one with willy wonka and yes, dickon and mary...

  4. love the sketches jul esp. of the girl reading under the tree.artist jud ka ba! :)

  5. salamat raine and haze! weather-related both your names =)


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