Sunday, August 7, 2011

Celebrities who look alike batch 3

Welcome the third batch of my celebrity look-alike list. This time though, I've also included those actors who remind me of another one. As a result, you may not notice the resemblance in the pictures but rather in their manners: the way they move, talk and act. It would be much better if you've seen them in movies. Enjoy! =)

Rooney Mara Winona RyderRooney Mara reminds me of Winona Ryder

Ollie Jacobs Nick DrakeOllie Jacobs (lead singer of Arkarna) and Nick Drake

Matt Hales Aqualung James D'arcy Ralph Fiennes Jim CaviezelMatt Hales (Aqualung), James D'Arcy, Ralph Fiennes and Jim Caviezel

Lucas Black Will PoulterLucas Black and Will Poulter
(I guess this is more because of the hairdo and the way they work their brows)

Linda Hamilton Clemence PoesyLinda Hamilton and Clemence Po├ęsy

Laura Fraser Madeleine Stowe Evangeline LilyLaura Fraser, Madeleine Stowe and Evangeline Lily

Jude Law Aamir Khan Tom HanksAamir Khan is Jude Law and Tom Hanks combined

Carey Mulligan Katie HolmesCarey Mulligan and Katie Holmes

and finally...

Joross Gamboa Anne HathawayJoross Gamboa and Anne Hathaway

Celebrities who look alike
Celebrities who look alike batch 2


  1. observant kaayo ka Jul!nakatawa ko sa last photos LOLs

  2. thats very cool! definitely agree with them!

  3. hahahaha can't stop laughing at the last photo xD

  4. Amir khan And Jud Law are completely look alik and also u can add Eminem. ... while Tom Hanks is far from them same as comparing between Horse and donkey ( in this case the donkey is Tom Hanks) hhhhhhh